Our Company’s Valuations team of highly experienced valuers and reviewers all certified by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and TEGoVA, provides integrated services in real estate not only for Eurobank but also for third party customers (mainly as it carries out more than 50,000 valuations per year through an extensive network of certified Engineers). More specifically, the services we offer you include: 

  • property valuations as security for loans by financial institutions
  • valuations on behalf of private individuals who desire an independent appraisal from an experienced institution
  • urban controls of properties

Our Valuations team operates at a high level of security by using sophisticated information systems, through which it:

  • offers valuation reports for secured lending and IFRS purposes
  • constantly upgrades its services in order to adjust efficiently to the continuously changing environment of the property market
  • offers services at a very attractive price/quality ratio